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Welcome to the Tyrian Coalition! Today you step from your home country and join the coalition that will better the world! Drawing its strengths from each of the races of Tyria, the Tyrian Coalition endeavors to shape the face of the world.

What exactly is the Tyrian Coalition?
The Tyrian Coalition is a union of all the races of Tyria: Charr, Sylvari, Asurans, Humans, Norn, and the minor races. What you put into the coalition is what you will get out of it. Political prowess, friends, travelling companions, power, personal enlightenment: if you can imagine it, the Coalition is the place to find it!

What is the guild structure like?
There are 4 types of officers : Grandmaster, Legates, Councillors, and the Captain of the Guard.  Below I will provide a description of each.

Grandmaster - The highest rank in the Coalition, held by Alemora and Eve. Responsible for coordinating events, creating the RP story, running the guild, and, as of now, rebuilding it.

Legate - The guild's second-highest rank, currently held by those willing to help the Grandmasters rebuild.

Councillor - The Coalition's legislative, judicial and executive branch, all in one. With the guild near death, this position is currently defunct. However, if the guild succeeds in being brought back to life, it will be held by first three, and then five members as we recruit more, who will oversee the majority of running the guild.

Captain of the Guard - An position given to one trustworthy individual in the guild. While it does give greater power, it is more of an in-character position than anything. Currently defunct as the guild rebuilds.

Veteran - A position that is not an officer, but is instead simply a cut above the rest of the Members in the guild. The position is given to those who are active in the guild, have been in it for an amount of time, represent it often, and whom the Grandmasters trust implicitly. They are given greater power, and marked as people whom the Grandmasters and other officers can turn to reliably. 

Member - Where the majority of the guild lies.

Recruit - Where new members lie. They are promoted not after a certain amount of time, but when the officers feel certain that they will be at least semi-active.

That comprises the most pertinent information about the Coalition.  We hope you will become an active member, and aid us through this tough time of restructuring and rebuilding.
The Coalition Courier

Guild dies; new leaders attempt to bring it back

Dragoniguana1, Sep 15, 13 4:15 PM.
Not overly sure why I'm writing this, as I know almost entirely for a fact that 0% of our guild is reading it. This, of course, is mainly because our guild is, for all intents and purposes, dead. Active members such as Zavus, Morsus, Drake, Zanny, and ultimately even Gleana himself have left, and more have followed. RP has been stalled, and guild chat and Mumble remain almost entirely empty. The situation is dire.

However, Gleana has allowed me (Alemora) and Eve to take leadership of the Coalition, and try and resuscitate it. Time will tell if we succeed. 

A new story arc begins!

Dragoniguana1, Aug 31, 13 11:21 PM.
As recorded below, Mishwe is officially deader-than-dead, and the threat he posed to the Coalition and its individual members is passed. However, a new threat to the guild's security looms on the horizon: Before Mishwe died, he spoke of superiors to himself. These superiors are beginning to make themselves known. Though we know not their names, nor their motivations, it's clear that they hold only malevolent intent.

Gleana has also revealed to the guild the Coaltion's origins: It was founded by Gleana and a long-lost Ascalonian warrior, whom one day crawled from the Mists after 300 years trapped there, along with three of her companions. Though she perished in Orr, her dream lives on in the Tyrian Coalition, and in her surviving three companions. However, those companions are now under attack by Mishwe's shadowy superiors! Gleana and her guild mates have devised a plan: Whilst Sharleska takes a force to the Plains of Ashford to stall the enemy's troops, Alemora will lead a group of people, starting in the Iron Marches, to comb Ascalon for these three survivors. Will they be found? Who are these new and powerful enemies? Who will live? Who will die? tune in to our RP next week to find out!

On a less overwritten note, our inaugurations for the newly-elected Councilmen will commence this Sunday, at 7 PM EST. Join in for good times, and lots of laughs.


Cruoris, Jul 16, 13 9:20 PM.
Mishwe has been defeated and killed! The Tyrian Coalition has tracked down the traitorous cur and slew him as the fool he is. Mishwe had launched a Krait backed assault upon a fishing town in Kessex Hills and was confronted as the Coalition arrived just in time. 
Gleana had led a team to help assist in the defense of the fishing community against the Krait and held back Mishwe's forces until a reinforcements led by the Coalition Guard could arrive. Mishwe's forces were defeated and eliminated by the Coalition; as well as a large shipment of weapons, armor, and equipment of Mishwe's was seized. 
The final encounter with Mishwe led to him being stabbed through the chest by Gleana, raked in the abdomen by Salazar, and thrown over a wall by Morsus. The traitor has been properly disposed and will not be the direct source of trouble anymore for the Coalition.

The Tyrian Coalition has also made breaking progress in the newly forged guild alliance with the Wayfarer's Accord. This means that the Coalition may be operating alongside allied forces from the Accord on various tasks. This should help both sides eliminate hostile forces in Tyria as well as provide protection to those who require it. Many good things are sure to come! 

The new status of the Coalition's operating system.

Cruoris, Jul 7, 13 8:22 PM.
Hello and, as most of you know, the councilors have been selected and they are: Drakenhelm, Zanurika, Vir Dux, and Mariko Toyoshima have each pledged allegiance to the Tyrian Coalition. We wish them the best of luck in each and every endeavor towards a better Tyria. 
Afterwards, a moot was held to celebrate the new guild councilors where everything went very smoothly. Sal and Alemora managed a drinking contest in which they are still feeling the hangover to this day.

Next up, Mariko managed to wander off by herself and get kidnapped by good ol' Mishwe. Mishwe used her as an indirect lure to attract Gleana and other members of the Coalition. However, Mishwe's plan backfired when the ogre encampment he surrounded himself in fell to the combined might of the Coalition. Mariko was safely retrieved and was evacuated to the Monastery. 

During the most recent guild meeting at the Monastery, Mishwe also attempted a second assassination, however he was ceased when a Coalition scouting group consisting of Alemora, Zavus, and Trinere took down a centaur encampment. The centaurs were in allegiance to Mishwe and were part of a distraction so he could assassinate Mishwe. However, due to the skillful elimination of the centaur camp, Mishwe's plan was foiled as the group managed to return to the Monastery in time to provide protection from the centaur assault. Furthermore Mishwe's inept plan ended up in assisting the Tyrian Coalition by providing a new promising inventor by the name of Ganglak Ironclaw who was being tortured, abused, and enslaved at the centaur camp. 

Stay tuned folks, lots more of exciting will come!

2-week experimental elections to be held!

Thre3zekiel, May 31, 13 2:55 PM.
As you may have noticed, all the members of the Coalition Council have been demoted to members!  Among the Council there is an ongoing debate regarding the possibility of elections for Council seats.  This experiment is being set up in order to see how successfully such an election might be carried out!

Over the next 2 weeks, until midnight June 7th server time, the Coalition will be accepting candidacy applications from people of every race.  Over the next two weeks, anyone who meets the criteria who wants to be on the Council may apply to be a candidate.

Please see the topic in the General Discussion forums for details!
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